Saturday, January 31, 2009

Over Population -- A global disaster

The National Teach-In on the crucial problem of global warming will be held on February 5, 2009. However, the elephant in the room, global human overpopulation, may be given little attention as the central driving function of this problem. This is yet another case where political correctness and ancient religious doctrines get in the way of finding real solutions.
All of our technological solutions are bound to fail without a humane and determined global campaign for birth control. It is time for religious leaders to issue their fatwas and other edicts to relieve believers of any obligation that prevents them from effectively controlling the size of their families to the replacement level or less, and certainly to the number of children they can support and educate. In fact, the edicts should make it a sin to do otherwise. What a marvelous revelation this would be for our religious leaders! With the stroke of a pen they could relieve more misery, poverty and disease than all the good works of the religious movement since the beginning of time.
The technology that generates carbon dioxide and other pollutant is completely driven by the needs, requirements, and desires of the Earth’s population. How can we solve such a problem? Perhaps, billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates, instead of using their money in ways that increase global population, could rent airliners to shower all cities of 50,000 or more people with informatively packaged male and female condoms. Or a positive tax incentive could be applied, rewarding families for having only one child.
Without a solution to the global and U.S. population problem, we can expect a disastrous human biological cataclysm. Hungry and thirsty people don’t care much about regulations of any sort and cannot be held back without brutal military campaigns.
Viral diseases such as the bird flu can now sweep the globe given the swift and easy modes of travel and the growing population in cities. It was this kind of population growth and congestion in towns of the 14th century that made fertile ground for the Black Plague.
The Congress has been battling for two years over immigration reform in the U.S. without giving a particle of consideration to the “elephant”. Even environmental organizations like the Sierra Club turn their heads so they don’t have to think about the verity of the population problem. In the process, they have lost all credibility. The environment and global warming perhaps are the paramount reasons for action now. Some scientists believe it may already be too late. The warming effect humankind has inflicted on the atmosphere will last at least a thousand years even if all the world’s smokestacks and tailpipes were to suddenly stop spewing greenhouse gases, according to a new U.S. government report. “Our study convinces us that current choices regarding carbon dioxide emissions will have legacies that will irreversibly change our planet,” wrote Susan Solomon in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. She and her team found that even if atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide were to decline, the oceans, which have slowed down climate change by absorbing heat, will achieve equilibrium with the atmosphere by releasing it back into the air.
Things have gotten so bad in the minds of some Europeans that they are going to spread iron sulphate powder over more than a hundred square miles of sub-Arctic waters in a controversial experiment designed to help combat global warming. The project is attempting to “fertilize” the ocean and encourage the growth of a massive algae bloom. Researchers hope the microscopic marine plants will absorb carbon dioxide from the air and deposit the carbon deep in the ocean as they die and sink.

And yet, in our own country, many still see no reason to limit legal immigration, chain immigrations, and illegal intrusions and the presence of illegal aliens in our country. With a little help from our friends, we might be able to begin to make sure the problem in our own land doesn’t get any worse beyond the irreversible effects noted above. Support for enlightened tax and immigration policies is the imperative of our times. Why do not all our people see this reality?

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