Wednesday, February 4, 2009

14th Amendment Abuse

I have posted at length about the need to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security, reported there are no two million criminal illegal aliens. These criminals are also in a rush to have babies and to apply for medical and welfare benefits for their instant citizens. Amost 25% of all California's births are to illegal alien women who are about 3% of the population. That one quarter represents 40% of all public funded births. Ten percent of all U.S. births now are to illegal alien women who are less than two percent of the nation's population. In California, it costs $400 million annually, and $1.2 billion nationwide just for the birth deliveries to illegal aliens. CA spent $6 billion in the last 20 years. The U.S. map indicating the highest percentage of medically uninsured shows the highest concentration in the counties all along Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and South Texas. Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas shows a similar pattern of publicly-funded illegal alien deliveries.

Pregnant women hide in car trunks or invade illegally by other methods, then wait outside hospitals, show up in emergency rooms in labor and force the U.S. taxpayer to pay the bill. Joe Riley, CEO of the McAllen Texas Medical Center, said, "Women enter in labor still wet from swimming across the Rio Grande from Mexico."

Insured citizens are forced to wait in line behind uninsured illegal aliens in crammed emergency rooms. Over 80 California hospitals, 65 emergency room, and 70 acute care facilities have closed in the last ten years. In 2007 California had $8.6 billion in unreimbursed emergency room costs. That's why everyone's health insurance costs continue to skyrocket.

And yet the illegal alien fellow travelers, sympathizers and aiders and abetters continue to blythely ignore the costs to all of us of this abuse of the 14th amendment and related laws governing emergency medical treatment for illegal aliens. Why?

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