Friday, February 6, 2009

The Stimulus Package

As expected, even the Messiah was unable to coerce Congress into rapid action on the stimulus package, a 900 page bill loaded with Obama-Pelosi junk unrelated to the stated objective of stimulating the economy. The bill is now expected to pass with or without Republican support on Monday, February 9th. Actually, this bill could have been passed this week except for recalcitrant Democrats who insisted on keeping a lot of the junk in the bill and this preventing the early passage with Republican support.

Republicans oppose the bill from a philosophical point of view because it represents too much deficit spending of the type the Democrats are known for. I have always been an advocate of multiple single subject or single purpose bills rather than a huge omnibus bill that has something for everyone. A shorter single subject bill allows for more informed debate and exposes pork and other wasteful spending to more careful scrutiny. The first bill could have contained the highest priority stimulus items that the majority in both parties agree upon. Had that approach been taken that bill could have already been signed or waiting for the president's signature. The remaining items could be similarly prioritized and presented in separate bills for debate and an up or down vote. This approach would give Congress much higher marks than the monstrosity concocted by Pelosi et. al..

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