Sunday, February 7, 2010

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The essential elements of real comprehensive reform are not too hard to list:
1.  E-verify across the board for all employers and all employees, public and private.
2.  Legal immigration quotas tied to the U.S. unemployment rate by sector, profession, or type of work.   (For example, if the unemployment level among computer programmers is above the specified criterion, legal immigration in that sector would be halted.)
3.  Secure our borders first before considering amnesty for any illegal aliens.  (Demonstrate that the borders have been secured with objective data from the border patrol regarding the number and trend of apprehensions at the border and internally.  Supplement these objective data with the results of secret surveys or questionnaires completed by all border patrol and ICE agents.  Ask their suggestions for completing the job.)
4.  Recognize that the borders cannot be secured without vigorous and continuous enforcement based on E-Verify.
5.  Illegals under removal orders must serve six month working on border infrastructure at minimum wage; two years for repeat offenders.
6.  Grant legal immigration priority to English speaking applicants who have the skills needed by America to stay competitive in a global environment.  Give accelerated consideration to foreign PhD students in math, physical science, engineering, and MDs in medicine who wish to become American citizens and who are prepared to renounce all allegiance to foreign countries or potentates and any claim on dual citizenship.
7.  Raise the English bar for citizenship to real fluency rather than the current few words and phrases from a study guide.
8.  Require that at least one parent be a citizen of the U.S. before birthright citizenship can be granted under the 14th Amendment.
9.  End chain immigrations, except for the spouses and children of those who have been granted citizenship.
10.  Grant accelerated citizenship for aliens who enlist in the armed forces for at least 4 years and who have served at least one tour in a combat zone.
11.  Prohibit the flying of foreign national flags except at foreign embassies and consulates and by permit for parades on ethnic holidays honoring our immigrant past.  (For example, Columbus Day, St. Patrick's Day, Bastille Day, and Cinco de Mayo.)
 12.  Illegals identified through E-verify must be detained for ICE processing.
13.  Immigration court decisions should be made within 24 hours of apprehension with only one week allowed for appeals.
14.  Successful grounds for an appeal of a removal order may include evidence of social integration, and cultural and linguistic assimilation.  Testimony of employers and co-workers as well as evidence that any children are in school learning civics, citizenship and English may also be presented.  Family unification is excluded as a basis for an appeal.  All minor children, regardless of citizenship, must accompany parents under a removal order.
15.  Legal immigration should be limited the historic level of no more than 200,000 per year.  All such immigrants will be briefed on the desirability of a stable population and the adaptation necessary to facilitate that goal and achieve a soft landing for a sustainable economy.
16.  Immigration and tax policy will be designed to achieve a stable population, the conservation of energy and natural resources, and the reduction of environment-destroying pollution of all kinds.
17.  Cap and trade will be another means for achieving a stable population.  Women who wish to have more than the replacement number of children, about 2.1 on the average per couple, will have to buy credits from those who wish to have fewer.
18.  There will be no bashing of legal immigrants and no violence against anyone based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference.

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