Thursday, April 8, 2010

TEA Party Being Hijacked by La Rouche Extremists

The dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult is attempting to hijack the TEA party movement.   This cult consists of fanatical followers of LaRouche's peculiar brand of Marxism.  Interestingly, one of LaRouche's former high level associates, Webster Tarpley, is now openly working with self-described "patriot" Alex Jones, who runs the infowars and prision planet web sites.  Tarpley appears in two of Jone's films, "The Obama Deception" and  "Fall of the Republic."  Many conservatives have bought these films, thinking they have critical information abougt the threats to freedom that face us today.  But the films  are actually thinly-disguised propaganda meant to deceive and distort the real situation.

The TEA Party must wake up  -- and wake up fast -- before these political extremists carry out a strategy that will divide and discredit the movement.  We have already seen some evidence of that in the extremist signs held by some participants in the TEA party demonstrations in Washington and elsewhere.

Lyndon LaRouche is a former member of the Trotskyite Communist Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and his first political organization, the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), began as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the same group that laid seige to college campuses in the 1960s.  This is the group that spawned terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  The NCLC became the U.S. Labor Party.

In the 19602, La Rouche built a political intelligence network with about one thousand operatives stationed in North America, Europe, and South America.  In a series of lectures in 1976, titled "What only Communists Know," La Rosuche described his network as the "world's Marxist labor movement."

The network created a series of front organizations and publications that included the National Democratic Policy Committee, the New Solidarity International Press Service (NSIPS), the National Anti-Drug Coalition, the Fusion Energy Federation, and the Executive Intelligence Review - all directed by Lyndon LaRouche.  He ran for president under the US Labor Party banner; and then again in 1980 as a Democrat.

In 1978, following the presidential election of Jimmy Carter, LaRouche began a new effort to spread his influence by attempting to create ties to the American Right.  Through the US Labor Party, LaRouche followers began to fan out across the nation, contacting conservative leaders.  One of themes was that they possessed documentation that Carter had stolen the election and that there was a possibility the election results could be overturned.  This was a blatant attempt by LaRouche to infiltrate the conservative movement.  His followers continued in this mode to date successfully helping to discredit the Right or promote the Soviet position.

The strength of the LaRouche appeal to some TEA partiers was dramatically demonstrated in a recent election when LaRouche-Democrat Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers won the nomination in the 22nd District in Texas.  She campaigned on one main issue -- impeach Obama.  That message had great appeal to many in the freedom movement and they came across party lines to nomimate her.

Rogers victory has done massive harm to the freedom movement by giving LaRouche the one thing he lacked - his own political foothold on the elective battleground.  He used the TEA party movement to give him what he never had - legitimacy.

Wake up TEA partiers and toss out this ugly LaRouche philosophy!


  1. Good article. Larouche is a convicted felon who along with his followers were sent to prison for many years for stealing over 34 million dollars from elderly supporters in the 1980s. Most of those elderly supporters came from conservative mailing lists the cult obtained. The cult spent the 1980s recruiting naive students to drop out of college and attack Bush. Without hesitation, Larouche smelled money and anger among the right wing and just turned the cult to go after that money.

    You can find a lot of info about the cult at these sites. under social orgs