Friday, April 8, 2011

Kos has a hemorrhage over Prosser's victory in Wisconsin

Chris Bowers writing for the Daily Kos, an extreme Left Wing blog, indicated that the vote totals in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race swung back and forth for a time but that the final count favored incumbent Justice David Prosser. Kos/Bowers had a hemorrhage because late votes in Waukesha County favored Prosser 11,008 to Kloppenburg’s 3,426 giving Prosser a winning total in the election. Left Wing Kos found that very upsetting and is desperately trying to find something wrong with those additional votes to rescue Kloppenburg from the egg on her face she got as a result of her premature victory announcement when she had a temporary scant hundred or so vote margin with more to be counted.

Kos also criticizes Brookfield, a conservative community in Waukesha County, because of its desirable life style and demographics. One wonders whether Kos would actually prefer to live in a crime and graffiti-ridden neighborhood or is simply envious of Brookfield citizens.

It would also be interesting to review Kos’s blog when the Saturday Night Live village idiot stole the election in Minnesota. Wasn’t there a report that more votes were cast in some counties than there were registered voters? Didn’t Coleman, the Republican, lead until more Franken votes were found in some precincts? Reminds one of Chicago-style politics, doesn’t it? Wait until the preliminary vote is in and then “find” enough votes to win, even if you have to register and create ballots for local cemetery residents. I doubt that Kos raised a fuss about that outcome.

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