Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Anti-America Agenda

1. Ineffective border security
2. No internal enforcement or detention
3. Amnesty
4. Employer sanctions
5. Open the immigration flood gates
6. Continue chain immigrations
7. Birthright citizenship regardless of parentage
8. No family separations; birthright amnesty for whole family
9. Remove immigration backlog
10. EspaƱol
11. A few words or phrases in English for citizenship
12. Assimilation not required; dual citizenship, duel loyalty (oxymoron)
13. Ballots in many languages
14. Multi-culturalism
15. Ethnocentrism instead of loyalty
16. Hyphenated Americans instead of just Americans
17. Neolib
18. Immigrant past forever
19. Detention is inhumane
20. Free education, Medicaid, social services for illegals
21. Ignore fraudulent IDs

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