Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Pro-America Position

1. Border infrastructure and staffing improvements
2. Vigorous and continuous internal enforcement based on E-verification
4. Employer and employee sanctions
5. Reduce legal immigration to 200,000 per year exclusive of tourists, students, and migrant workers; focus quota on PhDs in science and engineering, entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors
6. Stop chain immigrations; families must apply as a unit within the overall quota
7. Birthright citizenship only for those who have at least one parent who is a citizen
8. No family separations; minor children must accompany repatriated parents
9. Simplify immigration process for those with the skills noted above
10. Official English legislated as our national language
11. Fluency in reading, writing and speaking English required for citizenship
12. Proof of assimilation required for permanent residency and citizenship
13. Ballots in English only; Public Interpreters for those who cannot afford one.
14. Leitkultur rather than multi-cultural
15. Loyalty to one’s country first, ethnocentrism a distant second
16. Americans rather than hyphenated Americans
17. Conservative outlook of classical liberalism
18. “Past” is the operative word in “our immigrant past”
19. Detention is necessary for internal enforcement and border security
20. Medicaid, social services and education only for permanent residents and citizens
21. Production, sale, or use of fraudulent documents is a felony

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