Monday, August 9, 2010

Dee's Distortions and Lies

Commentary on Dee’s Tirade

1. Economy: They say they support an improved economy, yet they favor tax cuts for the rich. They favor de-regulation for big business. Under their last administration, they came in with the biggest surplus and, due to their programs, left with the largest deficit.
Many democrats agree with the Republicans that any tax increases during a recession are counterproductive. I expect the compromise that will be reached is to postpone ending all tax cuts for two or three years and then eliminate the tax cuts for the rich. Businesses, big (like the Fortune 500) or small, provide the jobs needed to put America back to work. The more our businesses are freed of taxes, the more competitive they can be in the global marketplace and the more jobs they can create.
The deficit is due to at least three things: Bush’s War, Obam's War, and the deficit. No matter what the Administration says Obamacare will add to the defict.

2. Christian Values: They say they support Christian Values, yet they support an agenda of HATE
This of course is hyperbolic nonsense and sensationalism. This is just another example of a leftwing nut misusing the word Hate for every position they disagree with. Dee is getting hysterical and it shows. Over the years she has become increasingly shrill and unreasonable. She is simply wrong about this. No sane person would even say "...they support an agenda of HATE.". She has become the purveyor of Hate. Any reasonable person can see that from her rants and outright lies repeated ad nauseum. She must be off her Lithium again.
3. American People: They say they are for the American People, yet they are against so-called “entitlement programs.” They want to end social security and Medicare. In order to do so, their first plan is to raise the retirement age to 70.
Republicans are not against all entitlement plans but have opposed any new ones in view of the fact that the existing ones are underfunded. It is a matter of fiscal discipline. Everyone knows that entitlements eat up most of the budget leaving the federal government with little discretionary money for other worthwhile projects. Candidates who suggest doing away with either program have little chance of being elected. If Dee, had been paying attention, she would have seen that people from both sides of the aisle fully recognize this problem but in general have been unable to do anything about it for fear of crossing the public that understandably considers Social Security and Medicare as sacred cows If the objective was to end Social Security, that would obviate the need to raise the retirement age to 70. Raising the age is a simple recognition that unless we increase revenues or decrease expense or a combination of both, Social Security will never be able to cover its unfunded obligations. I have long advocated removing the cap on taxable earnings so everyone pays the same percentage of their earnings into the system while freezing the maximum benefit at the present level as adjusted annually for inflation. That would be a balanced approach with more affluent paying much more without a commensurate increase in benefits. Others would just have to work longer if they can to reduce costs. If that doesn't do it, we will have to raise the combined employer/employee tax rate to 15%. Raising the Social Security tax on the rich rather than the income tax would be more palatable to the people because they could see the benefit. I believe there must be a provision to allow those who are unable to work effectively at age 70 to retire earlier with a small reduction in the benefit in accordance with the standards of the current law.
4. Jobs for Americans: They say they are for American Jobs, yet they want to reduce jobs and cut pay for teachers, police and firefighters.
This is a ridiculous statement. Some states are struggling with grave budgetary problems as a result of their profligate spending driven by the public unions who have no regard for the fiscal discipline that would allow their states to live within their means. When the country of Greece was threatened with bankruptcy for the same reasons, the European Union laid down strict rules Greece had to comply with before any loans would be forthcoming. The Republicans were asking nothing more. They want the states to step up and show what actions they have taken to put their budgets on a sustainable basis before any federal funds are provided. There are many state employees who could and should be laid off first before firemen, teachers, and police but their unions are protecting them just as the teachers’ union is trying to protect their jobs And indeed part of the plan must involve pay cuts for some who are clearly overpaid in comparison with what other states pay their employees. The governor has recognized this and attempted to take action but was thwarted by the courts and the Democrat controlled legislature. Again the greedy unions are at fault. When prison guards make six figures, part of the solution is clear.
5. Immigration: They say they support legal immigration and it is not about being “anti-Latino”, yet they support anti Latino racial profiling bills like sb1070, they support a border fence ONLY on the Mexico border, they support a racial profiling sheriff (apricot), his volunteer masked goons, his suppression sweeps, they support future immigration levels being reduced, but only from Latino or Minority countries, they support English Only, they support Mass Deportation and approve of racial profiling of Latinos; they call citizen Latino children “anchor babies” and delivering babies – “dropping them”; etc. etc.
More hyperbole. Most Americans agree that anti-illegal alien SB 1070 was badly needed and similar measures should be adopted by other states burdened with the costs of illegal aliens. Florida and Missouri have already done so.

The investment in border infrastructure and staffing obviously has to be focused where the problem is the greatest and that is clearly the Mexican border where the drug cartels’ smuggling efforts are most rampant and where millions of illegals find their way across the border. Anyone who claims to have worked for a Fortune 500 company, like Dee, certainly should have at least a minimum appreciation for the optimum deployment of resources.

A major reduction in legal immigration levels from all countries is in the best interests of our country. Since Dee favors a CIR that would increase the number of such immigrants, she is not an unbiased judge of Republican proposals. In the past, various immigration laws have focused on establishing quotas that were representative of the existing population. It is not clear what they are based on now but if the United States is being overrun with illegals from the South it would make sense to reduce the legal quota from those countries to bring the total back into balance. Nevertheless, I am not aware of any Republican proposal that would achieve that goal.

As usual Dee distorts the GOP position on a national language which is shared by many democrats by calling it “English Only” instead of “Official English.” This is an old distortion that Dee has repeated innumerable times. The Spanish language is well-preserved in many other countries of the world. Mexico does not conduct any official business in English. It just makes common sense to eliminate the cost of government publications, materials and ballots that are curently being produced in many languages, especially now that the deficit has gotten completely out of control and will go higher under the Obama Administration.

Mass deportation has never been the policy of the GOP and isn’t now. This is another of Dee’s perennial lies or distortions. The GOP recognizes that some level of foreign labor is needed in the U.S. but would like to make sure Americans have first dibs on jobs.

6. Constitution: They say they believe in and abide by the Constitution, yet this is only when it is convenient for them to do so. They advocate changing the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, and want to end birthright citizenship; they support racial profiling which is against the law.

Republicans believe in and abide by the Constitution even more than the Obama Administration. As I have patiently explained to Dee, the Constitution has been amended 27 times. This is the time for a new amendment or action to reinterpret the words “under the jurisdiction of…” to exclude the children of tourists and illegal aliens. Every developed country in the world, except the U.S. and Canada, has abandoned the concept of birthright citizenship. France did in 1993.
The 14th Amendment has been abused by those who violate the border to drop their babies on American soil. She may not like that phrase but it has been in used since time immemorial. Moreover, if it is a pejorative term, that merely reflect the level of anger at the tourists and illegals who enter our country for the sole purpose of delivering an instant citizen. The GOP merely seeks to curb the abuse of the 14th and obviously will continue to abide by the Constitution until it is changed, not just when it is convenient as Dee suggests.

Racial profiling is illegal but it inhibits the optimum deployment of resources. If one is looking for illegal aliens from the South, it is unlikely you will find them anywhere except in the Hispanic communities or among those who share their features. From a practical point of view, there are many things that can be done to avoid any imposition on Hispanic citizens who wish to cooperate with the law in apprehending illegals.

7. Pro-Life/ANTI Women’s' Choice: They say they are Pro-Life and want to end a woman’s right to choose, however they support the Death Penalty, they advocate wars (e.g. Iraq – no WMD), they advocate assault weapons. They also advocate using torture on prisoners, violating the Geneva Convention.
Everyone knows there is a deep division in the United States over the abortion issue. It was only when several anti-abortion democrat members of the House caved in at the very end, that the Health Care Reform bill was passed. Many of them will regret their change of heart in the upcoming election. It is indeed strange for a Catholic to go against the teaching of her church to advocate for Choice. The church has and may again ex-communicate those who do so. It illustrates how easily some people make up their own rules and indulge in mindless distortions.

It is a mistake to think that all members of the NRA are Republicans. The democrats voted along with everyone else to undertake the war in Iraq, after opposing it later when it became convenient to do so. Now they are trying to claim that they were responsible for the success in Iraq, even though, under the Obama Administration, Iraqis still enjoy only five hours of electricity each day and the car bombings continue -- some success!

8. Pro-Marriage/ANTI Gay Marriage: They say they are Pro-Marriage between a man and a woman, and they rally against Gay Marriage, yet they have the highest rate of members who engage in illicit affairs with male pages, interns, prostitutes and strangers. (eg: larry craig; mark foley, ed schrock; Charlie crist, jim mccrery, david dreier, etc )
Gee Dee, for a moment there I thought you were going to come right out and state your approval of gay marriages or would that be another violation of the Catholic church’s beliefs? I won’t bother to list the illicit affairs of the democrats. Everyone knows this aberration has nothing to do with party affiliation. So what is your position on gay marriage? Don’t keep it a secret from us.
9. Intelligent President: They claim they support intelligent candidates for the Presidency, yet they nominated Sarah Palin for VP.
Palin was a pure poltical choice that brought excitement to the ticket but in the end it was a big mistake. Lieberman would have been a better choice. There have been plenty of dunces and tax evaders in democratic administrations as well. Stupidity has no party boundaries.

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