Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Other Hydra - A Gallery of Dishonor

Some people are so shortsighted that they see no reason why any average American should oppose illegal aliens. Their total focus is on the illegal aliens rather than the national interest. Anyone who disgrees with them must by definition be racists or hate mongers, even distinguished United States Senators. The thing that this other hydra misses is that "leaving the borders open to unlimited illegal entry will ultimately, and it won't take long, reduce the social, political, economic life of the United States to the level of Juarez,Guadalajara, Mexico City, El Salvador, Haiti,India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sub-Saharan Africa. To a common peneplain of overcrowding, squalor, misery, torture, crime, corruption and rape." Does this vision of America bother them? Apparently not.

Can these folks be considered loyal to the best interests of the U.S.? Hardly! And yet they find it easy to engage in their own brand of hate mongering -- insulting U.S. Senators, the elected representatives of millions of Americans.

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